The Good Mom Book

This book saved my life. I found it on Amazon last month by accident while searching for a different book, and bought it based on the title alone. I was convinced that mothering would come very naturally to me and was hit with a big brick wall when it didn't. Not only did it not come naturally but I was hating almost every minute of it. I suffered from post pardum depression but my dissapointment went beyond those temporary chemical and hormonal imbalances. Everyone I knew made motherhood look so easy, and talked about how wonderful it was. So when I found myself crying more than my newborn, unshowered for 4 days and up to my knees in dirty diapers I felt a little duped. My identity was slipping away rapidly as every ounce of my energy went into feeding, burping and nap scheduling. The first page of this book brought me to tears as I said a little *hallelujah* in my head. I'd finally been reunited with reality. The main theme is how the expectations we have for ourselves as mothers ruin all hope of feeling satisfied with what we have accomplished. It encourages women to reevaluate their personal expectations and realign it with what is realistic. Basically, there was no possible way I would be able to cross everything off my daily "to-do" list. Not even half of it. Now I consider myself a hero if I've made the bed and eaten lunch by 3 pm.

I started an online board titled "I Love Being a Mom, I Just Hate Doing It" on BabyCenter.com to find girls that felt the same way. It is completely inspired by this "Good Mom" book and I had an overwhelming response from women who were feeling the same burn of motherhood. I love those girls.


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