Dancing in the Grey

Oh how I love dancing in the grey area that is Dexter. Yes, the Showtime series about the serial killer who only kills killers. I love, love this dark little show about a guy who knocks people off weekly. It is so satisfying to play around with the moral code that this particular 'bad guy' has. I want to have him over for tea and discuss the world's issues. He has a lot on his plate, he needs a cup of tea. The idea that all people carry around dark secrets, or have pieces of themselves that no one else ever sees, has always been intriguing to me.

And I miss the Ice Truck Killer, how's that for crazy? I'm also fascinated by Sylar from Heroes. He is a very bad guy. Should I be worried? No, I think it's just the glasses I like on him. I'm a sucker for guys with glasses, I married one. And mine doesn't kill people... or does he? He does come back late from the studio once in awhile. Hmmmmm.

A Clever, Artsy Dexter Season 3 Preview



Dippy's Mom said...

Syler? Really? I'm defineatly a Mohinder girl myself. Especially after last night. Wow. I'm SO glad Heroes is back - yes, I'm an addict!

Anonymous said...

Dexter is the best...and did you see last night finale....ohhh soo good and it keeps getting better...Oh and your old Sylar is backkk!!