This is the cover of Anthropologie's latest catalogue. I've never wanted to be somewhere else in an instant as much as when I first saw this picture. I'm sure she's cold and it's not comfortable sitting on those broken branches, but she's where I want to be. I crave icy, crunchy weather and the sting of cold on my cheeks. I want to wear my hippie hats and scarves and drink hot cider without feeling ridiculous.

Why do I even own a coat rack?

Then I consider that single word in the corner, Wonder. At first I think of it in terms of marveling at the beauty of the pure snow. Then I'm sidetracked by another meaning that is so evident in my life: to curiously think about what comes next, wondering if some things I've longed for will ever come. Having the same questions running through my head for so long makes me wonder... Will I ever be caught up enough to feel caught up? Will I ever find myself in a house surrounded by beauty? Will my life ever calm down enough for me to feel in control of it? Will "someday" ever get here?

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Dippy's Mom said...

The juxtaposition between the two forms of "wonder" in your post struck me. I think of "wonder" in the sense of "awe" and the wonder of the world our boys live in as a sense of living and enjoying purely in the moment. To truely experience wonder I think you have to be completely present. The other form of "wonder": wondering if "someday" will ever get here, is the opposite. You have to be completely, or almost completely, in another time than "now." So, it seems to me that "wonder" can't exist at the same time as "wonder." Now we have to choose which one to live in.