The Forest

I love trees. I feel most like myself when surrounded by them, I become so small yet feel more powerful. There are so very few trees here in Southern California and they're spread out so that nothing comes close to resembling a forest. We took a quick weekend trip to Los Gatos at the end of July to celebrate Grandma Darby's birthday with her. They live 20 minutes up a windy road, thick with tall redwoods. Their home is perched atop a mountain that overlooks the most gorgeous view of a majestic forest. It is breathtaking, and very hard to leave. The crisp fresh air, the quiet hum of the wind, the soft pine smell... nothing beats it. A cup of coffee tastes better in the woods. Rhys and I have always wanted to live in a place with lots of trees and rain, but life seems to swirl around us so fast that we hardly notice we aren't where we need to be. Then, when we're stuck in heavy traffic or the LA smog is particularly thick, we are jolted back into reality. We are still not in a peaceful, blissful state. Namely Washington. We miss you, Los Gatos, and the peaceful, wonderful calm you bring. And we miss you, Grandma & Grandpa Buchele, for the very same reason.

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The Sturgills said...

Lookin' good! I love the slideshow - he is too cute!