My Trophy Arrived!

Okay, absolutely nothing tops this. My honorary breastpumping trophy arrived via UPS today. My wonderful, sweet, way-too-far-away friend Sharon had a special trophy made just for me, honoring my 9 months of pumping (see old post "Where's My Trophy?" if you think I'm crazy. Well I am crazy, but see it if you're at all confused). It's a little golden gal wearing a sash and tiara. On the base it says "World's Best Mom! For exceptional pumping dedication." I'm going to put it on a chain and wear it as bling. It's going to be the hugest medallion anyone has ever seen. Sharon... sista... you are so incredible. I really do need to move in next door. I need you closer.

All mothers should have one of these trophies. Whether it be for "Breastfeeding a Biter," "Keeping Yourself Alive on 2 Hours of Sleep Per Day," "Working All Day and Then Coming Home to Your Second Full-Time Job," or how about simply "Birthing a Baby." This needs to be a government-funded gesture, like food stamps. Who's with me?

I'm going to go order Jude a "World Champion Nap Fighter" award.

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The Sturgills said...

While you're ordering that for Jude, would you mind getting one for Maddy? Maybe they will give you some kind of deal...