You're Never Too Old to Not Learn Something New

I was excited when my friend Kristy suggested taking a photo class together. She'd just bought a big-shot Canon 50D and I still hadn't read the manual that came with mine. Now, I've taken over 5 years of photography classes and majored in Creative Photography in college, but that didn't stop me from not retaining any of the handy technical information~ the stuff my brain automatically dismisses as being"unfun, non-artsy content." If it even resembles math, I shut down mentally. So I thought it would be great to take a refresher course on the interworkings of my camera, but mainly I enrolled so I could hang out with Kristy (and her friend Christi) every Wednesday night for 5 weeks. And it really was exhilarating~ three girls going out to dinner before class and then lounging with desserts at Steamer's Jazz Cafe after. And I'm proud to report that even in a 5-week course we managed to ditch the last half of one class. Our only regret was that we bothered with the first half.

Here's what I learned in my photo class.

Week 1: You're never too old to draw a heart tattoo on a friend's arm when you are bored in class.

Week 2: Nothing, absolutely nothing, is sweeter in this world than an elderly couple attending a digital photography course.

Week 3: A massive pool of cup condensation is a good measure of when you have been in one place too long.

Week 4: The world is your couch when you take your shoes off.

Week 5: You know when you are DONE with your class when:
a) You take careful notice of the room's emergency evacuation plan
b) You play mental checkers with yourself on your plaid pants
c) You clean out your purse, balance your checkbook, make next week's grocery list and then frantically try and think up another semi-domestic task to complete
d) You are truly interested in the doodle art of your neighbor

Oh yeah, and a gray card can solve all of life's problems.


Mandy said...

That was so hilarious! I was laughing out loud. I loved this post and I really wish you'd write more on here. I also wish we lived closer and could take a class together. Oh what trouble we'd get into!

Some other ideas for your next class are (1) to count the wedgies or number of people who are wearing pants that are too tight for them, (2) guess the number of people who have been to a Star Trek convention, (3) ask someone to pull your finger, and (4) stand up suddenly and begin clucking like a chicken to get some great shots of surprised looks and reactions! Hahaha!

Thanks for sharing what you learned with us! I think you've moved on from Boredom 101 and should move into Comedy 107. :-)

Donna Gotlib said...

I love the couple photo! That made my heart melt.