Sweet Sean Brady... no, not the one from Days of Our Lives

Oh wow. Has it been two months since I've blogged? So much happens in two months these days, it's overwhelming to think of trying to catch up. Being the Director of Development for a toddler isn't a small task, but hey... the pay is great. Oh wait, I WORK FOR FREE. Well, he pays me in extremely tight neck hugs and random jigs to music only he can hear, which is the best compensation of all time.

Highlights of this month include a photo shoot with Baby Sean Brady who was perfection in every way. Oh how I loved this photo session. Funny how much I love photographing babies this small but if I had to spend more than one night trying to keep them fed and well-rested, I'd be done before I started. I'm hoping the next tiny Buchele is one amazing sleeper right out of the gate like this little guy was.

Baby Sean was almost 2 weeks old here. Don't you just wanna pinch a cheek or two?

And since Blogger seems to have a spacing vendetta against me tonight, I'm going to post this now before I slowly go insane trying to add more pictures from the Highlights of my last couple of months. I'll be back.

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Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Breathtaking! Love every one of them. I definitely wanted to pinch his cheeks and also keep him from the villainous hands of Stefano DiMera.