Random Ramblings of a Redhead

This one's gonna be long and random, a pish-posh of memories from August and September. I went to a taping of Dr. Phil with my friend Kristy, and before you start throwing chairs at me, I didn't go to see Dr. Phil. I went to see my Favorite Person in the World That I've Never Met, Heather Armstrong, talk about the neverending Stay-At-Home Mom vs Working Mom debate. I sent an email request to be in their audience and got a call back the next day. The guy interviewed me over the phone about my life as a mother and apparently I "passed," because we were invited and placed in the front row about 5 seats from Heather. I wanted to throw her a paper airplane note but I decided against it. I didn't want Robin McGraw coming after me.
I'm not sure when the show airs since the producers had no idea themselves.
I think our favorite part was walking through an old Hollywood cemetery to get to the studio.

We bought Jude a new wagon and gave him high-speed rides over parking lot speed bumps. The next morning I woke up sore. This is when you know you're getting old.
Ah, the Orange County Fair. Jude had his first Dippin Dots ice cream which turned out to be the best experience of his life so far. He pet some interesting animals, went on his first carny ride, and had cotton candy for the first time. We had a blast, then I thought I'd come down with a horrible chronic disease a few days later. Rule #1: Don't eat the fair food. That's also Rule #2-10.

Rhys and I have been working like mad on our Mosaic Music studio's website and marketing stuff. Throw two people together to try to design a website who have no clue how to work Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Dreamweaver and you have quite a circus. Even though it was incredibly frustrating, we were proud to be able to do it ourselves, together. We've just introduced a Mommy & Me and Musical Theater class and we're hoping they are successful. The Mommy & Me class was featured on our local OC mom blog Tiny Oranges. Jude and I were the first to sign up for our class, of course. Although I have a fear of singing in a little circle of toddlers I figure if I own the place, I won't have to. Or, they'll have to pretend I'm great.
Our little family spent a bunch of time in Long Beach, shopping on 2nd street, getting cupcakes at Frosted, and walking on the beach. Our favorite thing about Long Beach is a little street called Loynes that is so bumpy if you hit a bend fast enough, you catch air. We speed down that road and do u-turns until we start feeling sick.

And sadly, there was a first black eye this month. Jude decided it would be cool to do a nose-dive off the couch and into the coffee table. Here is his trophy. Don't you think the wife-beater tank top adds a little something to this look?

Current life goals of mine include: Sitting around the table that brainstorms concepts for new seasons of Dexter, visiting the Muppet ranch in LA, and being a back-up dancer for a performance of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. I know that last one is a bit tricky since the King of Pop is no longer with us, but since I spent the better part of my early adulthood practicing those particular dance moves, it deserves to be on my Dream List. The costumes, the dancing, the Man. I was supposed to be a part of that original music video, I was just born a little too late.

My short-term goal is throwing my son a 2nd birthday party on Saturday. Really? Two years? Okay, sometimes it seems like he should be 10 by now... but other times it feels like a flash of light.


Dippy's Mom said...

I MISS you, Sista!!! Darling pics, as always. Remember to do one of those classes occasionally on a weekend for us working moms... our kids like music too.

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

A muppet ranch? Do they really have such a thing? Shirley, ye jest! If not, I'm on a plane tomorrow ready to join you! ;-)

Love the amazing photos of Jude at the fair and on the beach. Such fun, free moments in time. I can just hear the laughter that I see in his eyes. Beautiful as always. I wish you'd blog more!

Emily S. said...

Have missed you... good to see you post!

Have you always been in SoCal, or am I crazy?

We were just there two weeks ago!!

Mandy's Life After 30 said...

Don't hate me but I gave you a bunch of awards on my blog tonight, http://www.mandylifeafter30.com/2009/10/ive-got-crush-on-you.html! I know you aren't into spotlight but I just adore your site and I think others should see your beautiful photography and a glimpse of your wonderful sense of humor and personality. Plus, you know I'm in love with you anyway. ;-) I hope Jude's second birthday went fabulous! Big hugs! ~Mandy


i love how huge your pictures are and they are beautiful! your kids are spectacular! just wondering if dr phil made any nonsensical mutterings about a kitten can't have wings like a butterfly or some such nonsense HA! found you from mandy

Cougar Tales said...

Stopping over from Mandy's. Congrats on the award. :-)
- Cougs