Death by Photoshop

So it turned out to be a love/hate relationship. I went into meltdown mode the day after my last post while trying to learn Photoshop the, "proper way." Turns out you have to know a bunch about the program to even begin to comprehend the manual. Let's just say I may have spent more time throwing the manual against the wall than actually learning from it. I did Google tons of helpful tutorials, on "How to learn about how to learn Photoshop" and "Support groups for photographers-turned-cutters attempting Photoshop for the first time"...etc. At one point I had myself convinced that I never wanted to take or edit another photograph in my entire life.
And then there was Gibson.

My good friends Ryan and Lisa just had sweet baby Gibson Lee (what a cool name for a rock guitarist's son) on May 19th, so this little guy was only 10 days old for his first portraits. He inspired me to press on with Photoshop, and here are a few of my favorites from our shoot.

Baby Gibson, your adorableness saved me.


Mandy said...

Oh Carrie, those are stunning! They really are! I don't know how to use Photoshop so I can only imagine the agony you've been through. A very good friend of mine is a photographer and she has told me time and again how snapping the photos are the first step; all the editing and behind the scenes work is what takes time and people don't realize it or understand why good photos are so expensive. Anyway, fantastic work! You really are very talented. But if you never did it for anyone else again, I think I'd understand. It'd be a true shame to society to not see your creativity but I would understand. Now go have some chocolates and feel better!

Laura said...

These are precious. Maybe if I have a kid someday you can take pics of it. What do you say? I miss you!

Jess said...

GORGEOUS!!!! I love every single one, you did a beautiful job. Keep taking pictures!!!! ;) Thanks for sharing - I know the parents will love them too!

Dippy's Mom said...

You are a photo-Goddess. I'm in awe of you (as always).