Patience is annoying

Ahhhhhh, I'm in love!
I bought Photoshop CS2 and it arrived on Friday. Rhys installed it while I was away on my "alone-time weekend" and the moment Jude went down for a nap this afternoon I ran and tinkered around with it. Oh my gosh, there are so many applications and actions to learn, and I want to know it all NOW! Have I mentioned I'm not an instruction-manual-reading type of girl? I'm more of a trial-and-error learner, which takes at least twice as long and creates a constant little voice in my head that chants "am I really doing this right?" until I finally break down and read the manual. I still have no idea what most of the buttons on my fancy camera do, I just shoot "blindly" in the natural light & manual settings. Here is my first attempt at Photoshop, before reading any instructions. I promised myself I would though. Eventually. Why can't Jude take all-day naps when I need him to?


Laura said...

Is there a class or workshop on photoshop? I am trying to convince Nate to let me invest in a good camera and photo classes. I want to take great pics when we eventually have kids. You always have the best pics!

Jess said...

P-Dub has a whole photography section on her site. She talks at length about photoshop and her canon d80(?). You should check it out - i avoid it like the plague ;)

Jen said...

what is this "bought" concept? ;) i'm the same way with manuals - hate em, hate em, hate em. and with things like photoshop, it's near impossible (for me at least) to just figure it out. the picture looks awesome. i'm going to kidnap you and being you here as much my personal photographer. i promise to feed you.

Emily S. said...

LOVE it so far! YOu seem to be on track! :)

I am really buying into this concept that we are hatched from the same egg. Your sweater, your mussy hair... the eyebrows... Yeah. We could be friends in real life. :)