The Happy List

The arboretum.
This is my new favorite spot. There is a bench hidden in the tall redwoods with a stream that runs right in front of it. I bring my lunch, book and journal and park it here. It smells so crisp and piney, and the sound of the brook just completes this pristine setting. For an hour or so I completely forget that I'm in Southern California. Until I pull out of the parking lot and almost get sideswiped by a bleached blond who is too busy texting to drive, then gives me the stink eye. But oh, the beauty of this spot, for that sweet hour.

The gratitude journal.
I started a journal of things I am grateful for in my life, because by writing them down I am able to truly appreciate how abundant they are. I'm in a particularly wonderful place in my life right now, where motherhood & creative Carrie have intersected. I was worried it would never again connect since mothering takes so much time and energy (and frankly, sucks out my very soul at times). But I've achieved a peaceful balance lately. I've made it a priority to feed my soul fresh air, good books, and more alone time. And from that came a gratitude journal that is overflowing with things that I have been blessed with... as a mother, a wife, and an artistic spirit.
The happy list.
One of the books I'm reading suggests making a list of the little things that make your heart glow. I thought it would be fun to post it so that I could look back on this moment in time and remember them all. This font was made from my own handwriting on this website which is so cool. I did it when it was free but I think they charge $15 for it now.
This weekend I have another hotel vacation all by myself, woo hoo! I will be eating a ton, shopping like a madwoman, and hopefully surviving to blog about it.


Mandy said...

That's an amazing spot. I love your list. I'm so glad creative Carrie has caught up with mommy Carrie. I adore them both so much! :-)

Emily S. said...

A few randoms--
1. LOVE your peaceful spot
2. LOVE gratitude journals. Mine is a wee bit neglected. :(
3. LOVE the way you worded the idea that your mom self and creative self have "intersected" finally. I have been feeling that, too. Telling myself that when a #2 kid comes, I'll need at least a year again to achieve balance.
4. ADORE your handwriting, and love your list. I see a list like that in my future...
5. Thanks for such an inspiring post.

Jen said...

consider rhys' parmesan sour cream mashed potato idea STOLEN.